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    Pakistani Food Restaurants In High Point NC

    Talking about the restaurants in High Point NC, one cannot deny the fact that people like to have answer to Pakistani restaurant near me. Overall, milk, lentils, flour, sabzi, and wheat products are among the abundant food items from the Pakistani cuisine. Even the vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, peas, okra, or chickpeas are consumed according to the season. We at Sale & Pepper are committed to amuse your taste buds with traditional taste of Pakistani food.

    Visiting us you will be entertained with all kinds of Pakistani dishes. Some of these are as follows:

    Nashta: Pakistani breakfast is called nashta. It mainly constitutes the eggs (omelette, scrambled, fried, boiled), a piece of bread or roti, parathas, with lassi, tea or minced meat. In addition to these there are jam, margarine, milk or nuts.

    Halwapuri: It is special type of breakfast in Pakistan. It enjoys its origin from Punjab but is well known is all parts of the world. The credit goes to its taste and attractive color. Halwa is sweet made of suji while puri is made up of gram flour and then deep fried in the oil.

    Lassi: This is one of the most wanted drinks of Pakistani cuisine and is desired salty or sweet. Sweet lassi is taken up for the breakfast while for supper or lunch salty one is preferred.

    Naan/kebabs: These are not dishes in fact, however, they are kind of add-ons to a Pakistani dining table. Kebabs are made up of minced meat while naan is made up of flour dough. There is a range of kebabs available, including shami kebab, tikka kebab, seekh kebab, and many other types. Naan also has several forms such as aloonaan, roghninaan, and keemanaan etc.

    Biryani and Pulao: No Pakistani dining experience can be considered complete without these two rice based dishes with meat of any kind. Biryani has several shapes and formulas such as Sindhi biryani, Mutton biryani, tikka biryani, aalo biryani, and so on. Pulao comes at second place. It is also accessible in differnet structures and strategies.

    Chicken Karahi: Karahi is a dish where the meat is cooked with vegetables and is served. Jalfrezi is meat mixed with singed eggs, tomatoes, and chillies.

    Dhal (Lentil Stew): Mixture of flavors such as stew powder, ginger, curry, garlic, paprika, coriander, and cinnamon is all the hearts of Pakistani food items. An array of chutneys and pickles go well with the vegetables and meat giving different flavor to the Pakistani food items. Dhal is made up of lentils. There are different lentils such as green, red, brown etc.

    Raita: It is a kind of salad dressing normally used with spicy foods. There is a range of raita recipes from simple to complex ratia. However, normally simple raita is even presented at a normal family dinner while fancier one is served to the guests.

    So while looking for the restaurants in High Point NC, if you would like to have Pakistani food; you can always visit us. Feel free to access our official site i.e. for our full menu.


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