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    How we make food at Black Pepper Indian Restaurant healthy?

    How we make food at Black Pepper Indian Restaurant healthy?


    People around the world have their own thoughts about the Indian food. This food cuisine is really interesting and is considered to be one the most sophisticated cosines in all parts of the world. If you are a food lover, then no doubt Indian cuisine is the perfect choice for you. It cannot be denied that the Indian food flavor is passionate and spices are enriched in every manner.

    What is essential for tasty Indian food?


    The Indian restaurants are amusing people of all religions and cultures with tantalizing Indian food recipes. In order to prepare the traditional Indian food, one has to ensure that he has all the local spices from the subcontinent. So either you are working locally in India or you are serving people in any other Western country, these spices have to be there for the traditional Indian food taste.

    If you are looking for Indian restaurants in High Point NC or to be specific if you want to dine in at a black pepper Indian restaurant, then we at Salt & Pepper are waiting to serve you with the traditional Indian food taste.

    How Do We Make Food Special At A Black Pepper Indian Restaurant?


    In short, healthy oil, fresh ingredients, and an array of herbs well complimented with the spices are usually needed to prepare the Indian food. It is an admitted fact that Indian cuisine is not only tasty but healthy as well. So what makes our food special at a black pepper Indian restaurant?

    Fresh grains:

    This includes the legumes, lentils, dried beans, chickpeas, kidney beans and black eyes beans are all good to keep a healthy heart in the bodies. All these are used in our Indian dishes. These grains are enriched with proteins. It also facilitates in reducing the risk of getting colon cancer, stomach and mouth cancers.


    Indian food recipes are well donned with antioxidants. They prevent the users against diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and cardiac diseases. The credit goes to several Indian spices used in cooking.

    Good fats:

    Ghee is one of the most significant parts of the Indian recipes. Ghee is full of fats that are considered to be good from health point of view. Other than this yoghurt, saffron, red, and green chilies are also the main ingredients of Indian food.

    Roasted And Steamed Food:


    Then there are food items in Indian cuisine that are steamed, non-greasy and well roasted. Coconut, black pepper, and tamarind are used to prepare these kinds of food items.

    It is a misconception about the Indian food that they are hot and spicy, and rich in calories making it unhealthy. However, this is not the case. When spices are used in right proportion, they add to the taste of the dish and at the same time meet all the nutritional perspectives. To conclude the discussion, it is to be stated that the key to the healthy Indian food is that, “all the ingredients are used in the required proportion.”

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