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It cannot be denied that people love the Indian food mainly because of the assortment of traditional spices, sassy sauces and rich herbs. With advancement of globalization and times, Indian food is becoming popular around the world. Therefore, it would be very true to say that Indian food enjoys having global fans. If you are one of them, we are delighted to present to you that your quest for Halal Indian restaurant near me ends here. You can easily access Halal Pakistani food in high point by getting in touch with us at

Who are we?

Indian food normally includes cuisines from India as well as its neighboring countries and the same goes true for us. We make use of different herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and fruits to come up with unique dishes for our valued visitors. Most of the popular Indian restaurants these days are family owned or they are first generation establishments.

If you are new to this cuisine, it is significant for you to know what kind of food you must order. Salt & Pepper Indian restaurant is here to guide you a little in this regards. We will further now talk about what to be kept in mind while ordering food from these Indian restaurants:

Salt & Pepper Indian Restaurant

If you are new to this cuisine, it is significant for you to know what kind of food you must order.

Salt & Pepper Indian restaurant is here to guide you a little in this regards. We will further now talk about what to be kept in mind while ordering food from these Indian restaurants:

You Should Know What To Eat:

As Indian food has different sauces, spices, and marinated vegetables and meat; hence you should exactly know what you want to eat. This specific influence comes from different countries such as Persia, China, England and Portugal.

The Indian religion is mainly Buddhism and affects the food choices too. Most of the people here prefer eating plants and vegetables and not meat. You should know what kind of food the restaurant usually offers where you want to dine in or take away or whatever.


Indian appetizers are mostly deep fried pastries with raw vegetable salads and cream soups. They usually serve them with sauces such as yogurt or chutney. It is done to balance the spicy flavor of the food. The most well-known appetizer is the samosa. It is a fried pastry with vegetables, spices, and meat. All this is placed inside dough. Pakora is yet another appetizer. It is similar to samosa. The one and only difference between these two is that it is fried without stuffing the recipe ingredient on the inner side of the dough.


Indian drinks are usually sweet in order to complement the spicy taste of the food. Most of the people order lassi. It is a yogurt based shake. Panakam is another sweet drink with sugar, water, ginger, and lime juice. It is very famous among the food lovers. If you are looking forward to enjoy an alcoholic drink, you can always order IPA or India Pale Ales.

Main Dishes:

For the people who do not eat meat, there are restaurants that offer all vegetarian meals. Cooks usually convert their meat dishes with a vegetable alternative to complement the taste of the customers. The best dish in this regards is the curry. This is made of vegetables or meat. They are soaked in coconut or yogurt based marinade.

Whenever you will go to a halal Indian restaurant in High Point you will find most of the dishes consisting of chicken, lamb, spinach, or rice.


Indians are whole heartedly in love with milk and sugar based desserts along with the fresh fruits. Most of the restaurants usually sweeten their ice creams and pudding with fruits such as bananas, pomegranates, and mangoes. Kheer is one of the most popular puddings. It is a rice pudding with cardamom, raisins, and cinnamon.


Spicy Food Choices:

People who love spicy foods usually ask for halal Pakistani food in High Point and usually go to Indian restaurants. It is because there are different levels of spiciness i.e. from mild to too hot. If you are a beginner, then it is suggested that you should not choose the spicier dishes. Chances mostly in this case are that you will give up on the food and will be wasting your hard earned money after having a single bite. It is better to stick to mild spicy food items. You may later on order the spicier dishes when you develop the taste. Only then you will be able to handle the taste.

A general rule has been observed in Indian cuisines. It is that you order a high gravy dish with a dry food. It gives better taste to the dishes made up of rice. You may order paratha, chapatti, or naan in order to balance the dry dishes.

It cannot be denied that creamy sauces, spices, and rich flavors of halal Indian restaurant in high point are becoming popular with every passing day around the world. People who like to eat vegetables, milk and sugar based food items and last but not the least spicy dishes visit the Indian restaurants frequently. If you are looking for a tantalizing and scrumptious dish, an Indian restaurant is the best way to do so. This is where we are to serve you. Either it is about appetizers, soups and salads, tandoori, biryanis or whatever; we excel in serving to our customers exactly what they want to have.

So your question i.e. where to find halal restaurant near me is answered with our presence. We are a team of experts who are well aware of the tastes of our customers. Also we know that in order to be successful in our business, we need to introduce delicious dishes to our customers in a way where we end up satisfying their taste buds. We have certified chef who will not let you down in any manner. All you need to do is to access us via our official site i.e. and place order with us. Keeping in view the recent pandemic we suggest you to stay home, and stay safe; while we will cook for you and will serve you food. Visit us once and you will keep coming back to us.

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